I’ve moved!

I’ve been MIA for a few reasons, but the main one being that I’ve been busy creating a new blog! I know it seems like I just started this blog, but I felt like I needed more options with the look of my blog and how it represented me, so I’ve moved! I will no longer be posting to this address, but it will remain active so you may visit it whenever you wish to look through the old photos. Please come on over to the new site and let me know what you think! Make sure to bookmark the new site and visit often as I will try and be better at posting and updating you all on the happenings!

Here is my new blog address: http://www.estherpedersonblog.com


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He can’t run away from the camera yet!! =)

I’m so lucky to have this little guy to practice on any time I want. I know his willingness to model for me won’t last forever (based on Sienna’s reaction to the camera when I pull it out, lol), so I take advantage of every chance I get to photograph him. He warms my heart when he gives me that “look”. Is it weird to say that I am in love with my kids? Anyway, here’s the little guy in my life; so sweet, so innocent, and so perfect.



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I’m on a roll with hat lovin’

There’s that cute hat again. No, I didn’t make this one…I’m not that amazing with the knitting needles….YET! LOL. It just felt like it was time for another Sienna post. She is my little darling, and I can (sadly) just see her growing up right before my eyes. She is getting taller, speaking more words and sentences, and simply doing things that just amaze me. She is definetely becomming her independent little self. I want her to stay little forever so we can always have our special times together as mother and daughter. But the show must go on! So, the only thing left for me to do is document what I can, and later on down the road we can look at these photos together and smile and say, “I remember when all you wanted to do was wear that hat!”


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TO DO LIST: Learn how to knit the cutest newborn hat ever…..CHECK!

I did it! I finally did it! I finished a knitting project, that is! I picked up knitting again as a hobby just a couple weeks ago (inspiration from Heather (Dewey) from 2Peas…THANK YOU Heather!) and wanted to start with something simple to boost my confidence. Well, it took me about 2 days to knit this “must-have” newborn accessory, and it was totally easy! I’m so excited that I actually started and most importantly FINISHED something. Now, I just need a little cutie patootie to model this hat for me, and I would be in high heaven!




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The start of something beautiful…

My friends A&J are expecting their first human baby (I say it that way because they have a dog that pretty much qualifies as a child!) in March. 🙂 I got to photograph this special time in their lives and all I can say is “wow”. I think pregnancy is a beautiful wonderful thing, and it actually kind of made me miss being pregnant! Call me crazy. So, this was my first ever maternity session, and I’m quite proud of how these came out. I love the feeling of these photos, and I hope you guys love them too. All in all, you will have these photos to cherish long after your little baby is born. I can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy. I know he or she will be the perfect blessing to your growing family!









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Look at those eyes!

I really don’t know where our son got his baby blues, other than Grandma! (Guess how proud she feels!) 🙂 My hubby has beautiful hazel eyes, and mine are light brown. Looks like he’s on the path to becomming a lady killer with those eyes, so a few short years from now while Larry is busy fending off the boys from Sienna, I’ll be doing the same thing with Levi. I can see it now!! Anyway, here’s FINALLY a photo of the little one some of you may have been waiting to see. I may have my mommy goggles on, but I think he’s pretty darn hansome!


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birthday paints

Our little girl turned two on January 28, and we decided to have her party on Super Bowl Sunday. It was fun having family and friends over, to help us celebrate her special day. We had tons of food and got to watch an awesome game! Somewhere between kickoff and half time we got to sing Happy Birthday and open presents.  One of her presents was finger paint! She had no idea what it was but today she got to find out.  After eating a bowl of “two kinds of cereal” (cause she’s 2 now!) we got all “sticky”, as she called it. We had fun (yes, I painted too…great stress reliever by the way!). Here is another reason why I am thankful to be a stay at home mom….



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